Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Be a hero, become a sperm donor!

In the UK there is a huge demand for donor sperm which has lead to some patients having to go on very long waiting lists.  The London Sperm Bank has grown to become one of the largest sperm banks in the UK and thanks to our donors we have successfully created 1661 families through our parent clinic The London Women’s Clinic.

To these patients our donors are quite frankly their hero’s because without their help their beautiful family unit would not exist.  Sperm donation is a vital part of a long journey that women take in order to have a family.

There are many more reasons for becoming a donor each reason unique to the individual, which makes the recruitment process all the more fun for us.

Apart from the national shortage and the act of doing something selfless, men have chosen to come forward for the following reasons including to pass on genes: Although sperm donors are not legal parents of donor conceived children genetic preservation seems like a satisfactory alternative for some men. 

The initial process is fairly simple in that if you are interested you can simply fill out an enquiry form on our website www.londonspermbank.com or call us on 020 7935 4305 to register an interest. 
The requirements:

  • ·         Aged 18-45
  • ·         Healthy and free from infection
  • ·         Free from hereditary disease
  • ·         Agree to make up to 25 donations over a period of 3-6 months

The initial screening tests to join the program will be complete within the first 2 visits to the clinic and they consist of a semen analysis and a blood and urine test.  All visits to and from the clinic are reimbursed in terms of loss of earnings and travel.  Once you have completed the donor program you can also find out from us specific information about the outcome of your donations such as the number of live births you have had as well as the sex and year of birth of any offspring created as a result of your donations.

Pass on your genes and make this year the year you chose to be someone’s hero.  Make this year count.  

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